Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive.

Driver only carries $20 in change, please be prepared to have the proper change prior to delivery.

Our couriers will wait up to 5 minutes upon delivery before heading to the next delivery.


No, not necessarily. While we certainly do not spam you with promotions (that is what our email newsletter is for, so don’t forget to sign up for that!) we do text everyone an update regarding their delivery with a GPS tracking link, which most people love! For those that are less than keen on the feature, we are more than happy to exempt you from our standard update procedure and thus further alerts. Just let us know! But remember: we ALSO like to text our patients when their birthday is coming up to remind them of the awesome gifts they get for their special occasion, so keep this in mind when asking to opt out of text notifications.

Deliveries are completed as fast as possible, but remember that there are many variables involved such as traffic jams, size of the order placed, distance from our closest hub, etc etc etc. Remember, we have several hundred items for you to choose from and we package each order individually for each customer. We do not have cars driving around your neighborhood with a pelican case packed with only 25 different items to choose from. Our model allows you to pick from hundreds of items, so it takes a little longer to package and label each one for you.


*Delivery windows: patients may choose when to have their orders delivered.*

Order @ 8:30PM(DAY BEFORE)-9:30AM – Delivery @ 12-2PM
Order @ 9:30AM-11:30AM – Delivery @ 12PM-2PM
Order @ 11:30AM-1:30PM – Delivery @ 2PM-4PM
Order @ 1:30PM-3:30PM – Delivery @ 4PM-6PM
Order @ 3:30PM-5:30PM – Delivery @ 6PM-8PM
Order @ 5:30PM-7:30PM – Delivery @ 8PM-10PM
Order @ 7:30PM – 8:30PM – Delivery @ 9PM-10PM
Order @ 8:30PM – 9:30AM(NEXT DAY) – Delivery @ 12PM-2PM

To become a patient of our collective, you will need a valid U.S gov’t issued photo I.D and the original letter of recommendation from the state of CA. Both must be present for your first delivery.

You absolutely can inspect your order on arrival, plus we have a 24-hour exchange policy in the event you are not completely satisfied with your order. Although many delivery services travel around with a trunk full of product to choose from, we only deliver what you order to best comply with CA law.

While there are no clear guidelines about the number of deliveries one can receive, there are legal limits to how much can be possessed at once. These limits vary and definitely have different ranges between medical and recreational purchases, so please ask a representative if you’re unsure.

We re-stock our menu every week and update our many different menus daily.

We have dozens of “deals” right here on our website, just click on the “deals” tab. If you’d like to discover our popular “DEAL OF THE WEEK”, it’s listed weekly each Friday on all of our social media, in our live chat pop up window and finally on our company phone greeting. You do need to alert us to which deal or promotion you want – we do not automatically add it to each order.

The short answer is: we charge tax, because we pay tax. That being said, the new year (and new law) have brought on many changes to the way our industry is required to do business, and we have always done everything in our power to comply with tax regulations. We do everything by the book — many people in the industry do not. However, for cash donations, we essentially give all the tax (and a little extra) back to our patients in the form of a store credit called an “INSTANT REWARDS CARD” valid on future orders.

New Amsterdam Naturals is a Hightimes Multiple Award-Winning dispensary since 2006 and a Cannabis sanctum for the best cannbais. Whether veteran and new patients/cutomers we have cannabis that caters to your specific needs. We carry exclusive, top-name cannabis products from Weedmaps Verified vendors like In-House CannaStar, Nameless Genetics and Raw Garden and more to ensure Los Angeles adult-use marijuana customers 21+ receive nothing but the highest-quality.


The dispensary staff complies with California Proposition 215 and Proposition 64.  Los Angeles adult-users can contact the team by phone and email with questions.


Los Angeles customers can expedite their dispensary experience by placing a pre-order online for pick-up.


Menu prices do not include 15% excise tax, 9.5% state tax, and 10% adult-use city tax or 5% medical tax. New Amsterdam Natural accepts cash as the only form of payment and has an ATM located on site.


The dispensary offers happy hour deals ALL DAY where Los Angeles canna customers can take a House Joint for $1 with a $30 donation. Customers cannot combine deal.


Recreational canna customers can find New Amsterdam Natural situated on Exposition Boulevard off Robertson Place. The dispensary is surrounded by parking spots located around the storefront and welcomes adult-use cannabis consumers in Los Angeles, Downtown Culver City, Beverly Hills, West LA , Venice and West Hollywood. New Amsterdam Naturals also caters to recreational marijuana customers in Southern California – West LA, Beverly Hills, Venice, West Hollywood, Culver CIty, Lafayette Square, Rancho Park, Clarkdale, Cheviot Hills, and Century City.


Yes, as long as the payment service is available in your area, it may be utilized to split your cash donation however you choose.

Generally, no. While a spouse (or other) may PLACE an order for another patient, only a legal CAREGIVER would be able to ACCEPT an order on another patient’s behalf, and caregiver paperwork would also need to be submitted before delivery for verification.

Generally, we offer an extra 10% discount for the above categories, with verification. Just ask your friendly order staff if you qualify!

We are open 7 days a week from 9am- 10pm. We can usually sign people up as late as 10 pm and we take orders from returning patients all the way up until 9.45pm, with San Diego County accepting their last order at 8.45pm.

Yes, you may schedule your delivery to arrive at a later time. We ask for a 30-minute window, at minimum, at least 90 minutes from order confirmation. This is especially popular for those who like to take advantage of Happy Hour pricing (from 10am-1pm every day) but then prefer to receive their delivery after work, the gym, school, or even dinner!

No, we do not have any logos or advertisements on our drivers or vehicles.

Yes, we are all for protecting your privacy and we will work around your comfort level. By law, your medical records can’t be shared with anybody.

Yes, we can deliver to a different address than the one listed on your ID. However, we can ONLY deliver to a residence, private place of employment, or hotel/motel room with additional documentation. Please ask your order staff for details and clarification, as this may vary by county.

At this time, it is not allowable to deliver to any public place. Please see above for more information.

Yes, we have a $1 minimum for delivery.

Fast and Friendly offers 24hr 100% replacement for any factory defects. Replacement is for product to same product received. NO cash back, NO instant credit. Fast and Friendly does NOT replace EMPTY oil cartridges or cartridges that have malfunctioned due to patient error/mistreatment