Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive.

Not necessarily. We do not spam you with promotions. That is what our email newsletter is for, regarding your option to opt in and receive our promotions and announcements via email. However, we do text everyone an update regarding their delivery with GPS tracking and almost all people love this feature. For those that don’t, we stop using that feature for them upon request. Finally, we also like to text our patients when their birthday is approaching to let them know about the free gifts they get for their special occasion. It is possible to opt off this as well, but nobody has ever done it yet. Who doesn’t want to receive a reminder about free cannabis presents on their special day?

1. Go to Fast & Friendly home page at http://fastandfriendly.us/ or any other page of the website and click on “Login” on the right top of the page.

2. Click on “Lost your password?” below the log in form.

3. Type in your email address and click on “Get New Password

You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. Please make sure to verify your spam folder too as sometimes email may get in there.

To see the step by step with images click here: How to reset my password

There are many variables that dictate delivery times, but normally it takes an average of about 50-70 minutes.

To become a patient of our collective, you will need a valid U.S gov’t issued photo I.D and the original letter of recommendation from the state of CA. Both must be present for your first delivery.

You absolutely can inspect the product upon arrival. Plus, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, where we allow you to do an exchange if you’re not completely satisfied. Although many delivery services do travel with a trunk full of product to choose from, we only deliver your exact order, which is what several attorneys have recommended we do in order to comply with the intent and letter of the law in CA.

There are not clear guidelines about the “number” of deliveries that you can receive in 1 day, but it is clear that under current law, you can’t possess more than 8 ounces of flower at any one time.

We re-stock our menu every week and update our many different menus daily.

We have over 30+ deals found on our mobile app at www.fastnfriendly.weedspot.io under the “deals” tab.

We are doing everything possible to operate the way the state gov’t (and Federal gov’t) prefer we handle our non-profit. They want us to collect sales   taxes and hand over 100% of them each month. We do everything by the book – many people in the industry do not. So, at times, there are visible differences between the way we operate and others who operate outside of the parameters the state wants us to uphold. However, for cash patients, we give all the tax (and a little extra) back to our patients in the form of a store credit for their next delivery. It’s called our “instant rewards program”.

No. We bring the dispensary to you. We don’t allow people to come to us. It defeats the whole purpose of a “delivery service”.

Yes. We allow you to “split” your bill payment up however you choose.

Most you can, but there are just a few you can’t. For example, we match people dollar-for-dollar during the 7 days leading up to their birthday. You can’t get happy hour pricing along with the birthday promotion.

No. We can’t leave your order with anybody except for a legal caretaker, who would then be listed as your “caretaker” on your CA medical marijuana recommendation. You can place the order for your spouse, but we need to deliver to the actual patient name we have in our system.

Generally, we offer an extra 10% off for the categories mentioned above.

We are open 7 days per week from 10 am- 10 pm. We can usually sign people up as late as 10 pm and we take orders from returning patients all the way up until 9:30 pm.

Yes, you may schedule your delivery to arrive at a later time. We ask for a 30 minute window (at minimum) and this is especially popular with people who like to order during happy hour (noon-3pm) in order to save great money, but then don’t want the delivery until they get home from work, the gym, or even dinner.

No, we do not have any advertisement or logos on our drivers or vehicles and the large majority of our drivers come to you rapidly on motorcycles. We get to you much faster than most delivery drivers who are driving on 4 wheels.

Yes, we are all for protecting your privacy and we will work around your comfort level. By law, your medical records can’t be shared with anybody.

Yes, we can deliver to a different address than the one listed on your recommendation. We can deliver to schools, hospitals, the beach, a coffee shop,   etc etc etc. However, if you are a first-time patient, we can’t deliver an order over $100 to an address not listed on your i.d. unless you can text or email us a picture of some sort of address verification such as a utility bill, another person’s driver license, or pretty much anything showing the      delivery address along with a person’s name attached to it. This is for theft and robbery concerns, which happen in this industry.

Absolutely. See above for clarification.

The Birthday match is an amazing deal that may be used once per year, 7 days leading up to your Birthday or on the day of.

Yes, we have a $1 minimum for patients who use cash, but we have a $100 minimum for patients who prefer debit.

Fast and Friendly offers 24hr 100% replacement for any factory defects. Replacement is for product to same product received. NO cash back, NO instant credit. Fast and Friendly does NOT replace EMPTY oil cartridges or cartridges that have malfunctioned due to patient error/mistreatment