Treatment of anxiety with medical marijuana

Treatment of anxiety with medical marijuana

Treatment of anxiety with medical marijuana

Anxiety is classified among a group of psychological disorders that render the patient in the state of stress and fear, which maybe with or without a cause.  Worrying and fearing for most of the time in a day makes a person hysterical. Several allopathic as well as eastern medicine ways have been devised to cure this form of mental illness, but not many of them are a hundred percent effective. It is important to know that a generalized anxiety disorder is said to happen when the symptoms have lasted for at least six months.

Any symptom of fear that occurs suddenly with an event and wanes away as the problem solves might be a panic attack, and not necessarily anxiety.

The boon is an ancient one…….

Speaking of the medical boons of marijuana, it is also capable of eliciting anxiety from the mind and personality. It must be surprising for you to know that in India, cannabis was implied in the treatment of depression about 400 years ago. After the analysation of side effects of this herb, marijuana is legalized for medical uses in the United States, however, the federal law of the country still forbids it.

How does it work?

Marijuana is known to contain immensely potent psychoactive compounds, that upon entering the blood, activate the mind and alleviate the mood. For patients of anxiety, mood alleviation is a blessing, since they remain doomed in their thoughts of fear for long hours.

More to that, marijuana may be effective in slowing down the brain’s ‘thought processing’ function. Such an effect can help in breaking up the thoughts that bring about anxiety in a person.

‘Cannabidiol’ is the main marijuana ingredient that treats anxiety. It is a non-psychoactive compound. Cannabinoid has been discovered to cast anxiolytic effect in both animals as well as human species (Sarris, McIntyre & Camfield, 2013). On the other hand, THC is another potent chemical that is present in the plant and can treat severe nausea and vomiting. However, THC can also cast a reversible effect on the cannabidiol’s anxiety treatment, making the patient more prone to it. This brain-activating ingredient acts on the organ’s part called ‘amygdala’ that brings out the feeling of anxiety and paranoia.

Various strains of medical marijuana have been formulated in such a way that both the counter-acting ingredients effect each other’s efficacy in the least way.

Marijuana can treat, as well as worsen depression if its ingredients are not properly balanced and titrated. The University of Washington Alcohol and Drug Abuse had remarked the following in “Mental Health and Marijuana”, an online fact sheet.

“Cannabis can ease the symptoms of depression until the drug begins to wear off. Use of marijuana has been observed to be linked with higher levels of depression in the user. It can also produce panic and anxiety on a short term basis.”

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