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California state laws on marijuana – Gov. Brown proposal

In November 2016, California joined a growing number of states in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The new laws on the recreational use of marijuana, however, created a few legal disparities with the current reigning law on use of medical marijuana. California is a bit nearer now to turning into the country’s largest weed economy, after Gov. Jerry Brown’s organization proposed new changes to adapt the state’s new recreational marijuana use law with the existing medical marijuana use law. In [...]

marijuana legalization

Marijuana Legalization: 7 reasons to support it

Marijuana is a plant of the cannabis family and is known as ‘Cannabis sativa’. It is used as a drug for it’s analgesic and pain killing effects. The sedative effects of marijuana also make it a narcotic drug used for recreational purposes as well. Its use as a medical pain killer has been confirmed and practiced throughout the world. The FDA banned its cultivation, sale and use for recreational purposes in 1937 under the “Marijuana Tax Act”. But now, many [...]