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charlotte s web high cbd medical marijuana against seizures

Marijuana and Charlotte’s web

Why Marijuana has a bad reputation? Marijuana has been used as a medicine since before the 1930s, when it was defamed due to political reasons. Not only did marijuana become an illegal substance, but people were afraid of using it. Anti-marijuana campaigns and the high addictive potential of cannabis added to this fear. So, a substance once prescribed as a medicine was now viewed as dangerous. A family from Colorado had the same perception about marijuana until something miraculous happened that completely [...]

The top 3 CBD products available in California

The Top 3 CBD products available in California

In a previous article, we have explained the main differences between THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol), two of the most known and studied components of cannabis. While marijuana has been for centuries part of Chinese and Indian traditional medicine, it was only in the 60’s that laboratory research results found the first scientific confirmations of cannabis medical properties. Latest pre-clinical studies have shown that CBD has a potential to become an effective medicine for several diseases for which there are no [...]

the best marijuana documentaries - sanjay gupta

The best marijuana documentaries

  Medical marijuana has become more and more popular lately – mostly thanks to the medical benefits that this plant provides to patients with different kind of health problems. Alzheimer, Parkinson, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, psychological conditions and many other medical problems are nowadays treated with medical marijuana products although cannabis is a schedule II drug according to US federal law, in contrast with the State law of states such as California or Colorado. Despite this fact, there are many intellectuals, doctors and [...]

what is THC and what is CBD

What is THC and what is CBD

THC, which is also called tetrahydrocannabinol, was first found in 1964 in Raphael Mechoulam’s lab in Israel. Before the discovery of THC, it was difficult for the scientists to isolate the one abundant compound. They had discovered compounds called cannabinoids in cannabis, but THC was a huge find for everyone. THC is basically a chemical that causes all the effects of marijuana, atleast this is what people think. But let us tell you that THC is not the only [...]