Jetty Extracts – Pure CBD Blend – 500mg (47.5% CBD / 27.4% THC)

Jetty Extracts – Pure CBD Blend – 500mg (47.5% CBD / 27.4% THC)


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Product Description

Jetty offers clean, simple, and cutting edge ways to consume organic cannabis extracts. Launched in 2013, Jetty proudly offers a wide variety of concentrate products. In the summer of 2014, Jetty introduced the first vape pen specifically designed for use with 100% pure cannabis extracted oil, containing no polyethylene glycol or other additives. Jetty offers a direct dabbing applicator, the “Dablicator”. In the quickly evolving medical marijuana industry, Jetty’s primary focus is R&D, allowing us to continually develop innovative and user-friendly products. All Jetty products contain lab-grade organic cannabis oil extracted with the use of premium CO2 equipment. Also known as “Supercritical Fluid Extraction” (SFE), CO2 extraction is cleaner and safer than alternative extraction methods (including butane, hexane or propane) and ensures pure cannabis oil concentrate that is free of dangerous and unwanted solvents. You can find us in numerous collectives throughout California. We use only recyclable packaging and components. As firm believers in the need to improve understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis and supporters of legalization, Jetty donates 1% of gross sales to cannabis research and legal defense of those facing criminal charges for actions that do not violate state law. Through the Shelter Project, Jetty donates medicine and advice to cancer patients.
– Fast and Friendly offers 24hr 100% replacement for any factory defects, Replacement is for product to same product received. NO cash back, NO instant credit. Fast and Friendly does NOT replace EMPTY oil cartridges or cartridges that have malfunctioned due to patient error/mistreatment.


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