Utopia is committed to providing clean, quality Calfiornia cannabis. Specializing in boutique flowers, high terpene and cannabinoid extracts, and health concious edibles. Utopia supports the cannabis community with variety, quality, and transparency.

History: Utopia is built on authenticity, transparency and quality above all else. Hailing from the same hometown, the founders launched the brand as purveyors of exotic indoor flowers. Renownder for their potent C. Banana flowers, word quickly spread that Utopia's products were worth searching out. As the brand evolved, the founders were disheartened by the industry’s lack of quality, clean-tested cannabis. They set out to develop a branded alternative to the unlabeled, un-tested manufactured products that filled dispensary shelves. This culminated in the launch of their edible and extract lines. Their commitment to consumers has resulted in products focused on health, higher business ethics and unparalleled quality.

Products: Utopia knows that one product type does not fit all consumers, but that everyone should be able to access quality, clean cannabis. That’s why they provide flower, extracts, and edibles. Utopia signature flower is the C. Banana, a phenotype they’ve been cultivating for nearly a decade. With THC tests as high as 35%, this Sativa-dominant Hybrid is renowned for its powerful effects and fresh banana aromas. Their extracts are potent and pure with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles with THC levels exceeding 95% and terpenes as high as 15%. Utopia's macaroons (available in five flavors) are health-conscious and made with raw, gluten-free, vegan, kosher-friendly, paleo-friendly and organic ingredients. Blended with their in-house extracts, these edibles are a great alternative to the sugary, synthetic edibles that fill the shelves!

Lab Testing: Utopia’s products are lab tested with SC Labs, every batch, every time to ensure purity, safety and consistency. With over 3000 test results, total transparency is one of the cornerstones of Utopia practice. After undergoing full-spectrum testing, each package is labeled with a batch number that is linked to a publicly available lab result, allowing you to know the potency, terpene, pesticide, residual solvent, and microbiological test results. Utopia works hard to provide trusted products and is at the forefront of California’s pesticide-free movement. Clean growing, clean ingredients, and a company that cares - #ThisIsUtopia.