What is THC and what is CBD

what is THC and what is CBD

What is THC and what is CBD

THC, which is also called tetrahydrocannabinol, was first found in 1964 in Raphael Mechoulam’s lab in Israel. Before the discovery of THC, it was difficult for the scientists to isolate the one abundant compound. They had discovered compounds called cannabinoids in cannabis, but THC was a huge find for everyone. THC is basically a chemical that causes all the effects of marijuana, atleast this is what people think. But let us tell you that THC is not the only compound that causes the effects of marijuana. There is one more compound called CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, which is basically a structural isomer of THC.

This means that even though THC and CBD have the same chemical composition, the atoms however in these compounds are arranged a little bit differently. The difference is of a small ring in the atoms. If the ring is closed, it is called THC, while if the ring is open it is called CBD. Also, let us tell you that THC can be converted to CBD and vice versa, with only a use of a flask and acid. It’s only been a few years since CBD’s benefits came into the public eye, before that it was merely a compound. CBD is basically extremely useful when it comes to helping to modulate the effects of THC and as a unique compound itself. CBD also apparently possess antiseizure properties and also pain relieving properties.

Another good part about CBD is that it also has anticancer properties. It actually lessens the worst effects of THC when it is co-administered. While you may be clearly aware about ill effects of THC, like its dissociative and its anxiogenic nature, but not many know that when you put CBD in there, it actually helps to alleviate those effects to a huge extent. There have been a number of studies across the world where the good effects of CBD have been shown. These studies took place in the field and while testing what types of marijuana people have (and the types that were given with CBD in them) people have reported to have lesser effects and an improved self. CBD lessens all those negative symptoms and not just human being, but it has also been seen in animal studies.

Some of the social and cancer research groups have reportedly also applied to add CBD into a cancer chemotherapy regimen. Not just cancer, CBD is also said to be an effective treatment of preventing diabetic neuropathy, which is basically a condition that causes blindness and more and more people are getting prone to it today. CBD also protects nerves. There are various different types of cannabis plants. While some have higher amounts of THC (and low amounts of CBD) some have low amounts THC and higher amounts of CBD. There are a few which also contain similar amounts of both.medical marijuana - cbd and thc effects



Below are differences between CBD and THC:

1) Getting High

While many are aware that THC is best known for being the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive i.e. THC can get you high, but CBD can’t. This is the reason that doctors prefer treatments with CBD. In fact, it has also been used to treat younger children with various health related issues and diseases.

2) Level of Anxiety

While THC definitely causes anxiousness in some people, CBD is rather said to have an opposite effect. A few reports suggest that CBD actually works to minimize the anxiety caused by THC.

3) Antipsychotic Effects

CBD also apparently has some antipsychotic properties, which the researchers believe can be able to protect marijuana users from getting too high. It actually works by reducing the psychosis-like effects of THC.

4) Sleep

Marijuana’s sleep causing effect basically comes from after inducing THC. And on the other hand, CBD reportedly is a huge reason of wakefulness. This is why, CBD is not considered as a sleep medicine.

5) Legal Status

The legal status of both THC and CBD is different in different countries. In the United States, CBD is technically illegal since it is said to be Schedule I drug. But CBD found in hemp, is legal and is imported and sold in the U.S.

Here are some popular medical marijuana products with THC/CBD percentages.


Kurupts Moon Rocks – 47.9% THC
True OG – 29.6% THC
Banana OG Kush – 25.8% THC


Harlequin – 9.3% CBD
Blue Haze – 7% CBD


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