Marijuana Legalization: 7 reasons to support it

marijuana legalization

Marijuana Legalization: 7 reasons to support it

Marijuana is a plant of the cannabis family and is known as ‘Cannabis sativa’. It is used as a drug for it’s analgesic and pain killing effects. The sedative effects of marijuana also make it a narcotic drug used for recreational purposes as well. Its use as a medical pain killer has been confirmed and practiced throughout the world.

The FDA banned its cultivation, sale and use for recreational purposes in 1937 under the “Marijuana Tax Act”. But now, many states in the USA are demanding the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. This article will explain the brief history of marijuana as a drug and the rational 7 reasons to support its legalization.

Marijuana has been planted from the pre-recorded times of history. The first cultivation of this weed records back to the central Asian regions of Mongols and Siberia. Then, it’s cultivation started in China and India onward. The Chinese used this weed for the medicinal purposes for the first time in human history. Then, it moved to the region of the Middle East afterwards.

Later on, Europeans were also introduced to marijuana by the Scythian. After that, Mexico became the major producer of  marijuana.  Then, in 1937, the FDA banned its usage for recreational purposes under the marijuana tax act. The UK (and other countries) also banned it and included it in the internationally banned narcotics. Now, the cultivation, sale and consumption for recreational purposes is banned.

However, many states are trying to get rid of this prohibition. There is a huge debate between the people of both views.  Some regard this act of prohibition a good act of narcotic control, but some regard this as just a judgmental overreach of the government being unable to control its consumption.

In this article, some rational reasons are given to support the idea of marijuana legalization. These are explained here below one by one;

  1. Medicinal usage of marijuana should be allowed throughout the world.

The medicinal usage of marijuana has been proven and should definitely be allowed. Marijuana has an analgesic effect that means that it can lower the levels of pain. The modern physiology of pain explains it as a sensation of harm sensitized by the receptors of the body specialized for the perception of pain.

The pain stimuli are transferred by the way of nerves from the ascending tracts of the spinal cord to the thalamus and sometosensory region of the cerebral cortex of the brain. The modern neurologists have discovered that the perception of pain is reduced by a natural analgesic system of the body acting on the pain nerve fibers reducing or inhibiting their conduction for a certain amount of time.

Neurologists have discovered that this natural analgesic system of the body uses morphine, which has same analgesic effects as marijuana. Hence, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes as a powerful analgesic is a fact.

Marijuana is a powerful analgesic better than many conventional analgesic drugs and in certain circumstances like in cancer, marijuana is the sole healer of the pain. It has a natural tendency to lower the severe pain and relieve the patient.

  1. We cannot deny the hemp benefits.

Hemp can be utilized and made into paper, clothing, paneling, plastics, and thousands of other products of daily use. The highly nutritious seeds obtained from the hemp of marijuana can be used to make flour, cattle feed and cooking oil.

This plant is environmentally friendly and grows without the usage of herbicides, nourishes the soil, matures quickly and provides high yields within short time. It is considered as the number-one biomass producer in the whole world producing ten tons per acre in four months. It could also be an excellent fuel-producing crop.

Hence, hemp is also known as “nature’s perfect plant” and could bring a bonanza to the poor American farmers as well as greatly reducing America’s dependence on fossil fuels, which could somehow mitigate climate change.

  1. Marijuana prohibition denies our most basic human right.

It takes away our right of sovereignty over our own bodies by giving this power to government. How can any other human right make sense, when we don’t have sovereignty over our own bodies? There is a word used for the people who don’t have sovereignty over their own bodies and it is “slave”. The act of criminalizing marijuana lacks moral justification.

A real definition of crime implies a victim and a perpetrator. Is it imaginable that someone is being jailed for robbing himself? Definitely obvious is that as insane as this sounds, the government has done the equivalent by making the usage of marijuana by adults a crime. Only a corrupt, depraved government could invent a crime you commit against yourself.

  1. Marijuana users should not be considered debased human beings.

Cultures throughout history – and pre-recorded history! – have been altering their minds with a variety of drugs. Now, billions around the world derive some positive benefits from mind-altering drugs (especially in use are alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and marijuana).

This difference of approach for these mind relaxing products shows the conflict of the government policies. The very tough life styles and harsh routines make some people so depressed that they can escape from the depression by consuming a mind relaxing drug like marijuana.

The act of demonizing and criminalizing some drugs, while at the same time approving others without rational criteria, should be considered clearly arbitrary and deceitful. Why are marijuana users’ criminals, while the alcohol and tobacco users are not? Why are the marijuana dealers demonized, but tobacco and alcohol vendors are not? Billions of dollars in potential taxes go to the drug cartels. Our cash-strapped states are constantly being cheated out of billions that could be somehow obtained by taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol.

The financial experts of the government should consider this option of legalizing the marijuana weed and putting taxation on it to increase the revenue of the government several fold. Government is spending lots of money to feed the anti-narcotic forces, destroying the weed along with hemp and gaining no profit from it at all. The act of legalization of marijuana will bring this weed under the tax umbrella and will help boost up the revenue of the government.

  1. There is huge medical research going on right now with marijuana.

By the discovery of naturally occurring substances similar to marijuana in the human body that activate cannabis receptors, it has opened up vast possibilities for the new medicines derived from 66 or so cannabis properties identified in marijuana. These receptors are just not only present in the brain, but also found in many other parts of the body including the endocrine, immune and reproductive systems.

Thus, the ban on marijuana production and consumption should be lifted to provide it freely for the medicinal (and research) processes. The huge benefits of marijuana can only be discovered further and obtained by uplifting the ban.

  1. Thousands of people are murdered each year due to marijuana prohibition.

Mexico is the largest exporter of marijuana in the world (most of which goes to the United States). There were some 24,000 prohibition-related murders in Mexico since 2006. Thousands more died here, also due to a direct result of marijuana prohibition.

  1. The marijuana prohibition diverts billions of dollars from the needy.

Now, more than 50 government agencies feed at the drug war trough. The food stampprogram(and other social programs) are being slashed by the government while billions are spent trying to stop adults from using marijuana.

The government is spending billions of dollars on marijuana prohibition. Marijuana is not more devastating than poverty, unemployment, social injustice, illiteracy and miserable health conditions. So, government should think wisely and should allow the legalization of marijuana to bring it under the tax cover to increase the tax revenue of the government.

Prohibition of marijuana is clearly counterproductive. Guaranteeing huge profits to anyone on earth who can produce and deliver marijuana to our streets cannot do anything but assure that even more will be cultivated, produced and delivered. Despite the huge efforts by the government to reduce the consumption of marijuana, it’s consumption has increased among the youth.

The prohibition of marijuana has thrown the youth into the hands of the criminal drug dealers, which for their profit sell more unhygienic and dangerous drugs to the youth. The consumption of such drugs definitely affects the personality of the youth and they become criminal and law breaking citizens. Thus, the whole above discussion can be summarized in these words – marijuana is a narcotic drug cultivated as a weed and consumed for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

The FDA had banned the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana across the US for recreational purposes. There is a huge debate proven by rational facts for the legalization of the drug for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Your turn…do you think this should be a state’s rights issue, or a decision for the Federal government to make?

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