The Future of Cannabis Vaping

the future of cannabis vaping

The Future of Cannabis Vaping

Cannabis or Marijuana, as it is widely known, has been familiar to the human race for thousands of years. Back then, it was mostly for ritualistic purposes that cannabis was used. But now, the times have changed. Cannabis has found a variety of applications – it may be used as a psychotic drug, a treatment for various disorders and sometimes to alleviate pain in the patients with chronic and painful illnesses. The story of the evolution of cannabis use is very interesting. Trends are constantly changing. In this article, let us have a look into the Future of Cannabis Vaping.

the future of cannabis vaping

E-Cigarettes v/s Herbal Vaping

Though vaping with e-cigarettes is very popular, there are people who still prefer herbal vaping for a number of reasons. The most prominent one being that the e-juices require a lot of processing before they are ready to be used in a vaporizer. Whereas using herbs for vaping is very easy, all they need to do is to just load your favourite herb (marijuana in this case) into the vape and enjoy!! Another thing is that e-liquids are too concentrated for a beginner (or even an experienced person) to use for vaping. Herbal vaping will have moderate concentration, thus not giving an overdose. Do remember that there are specific vapes that support herbs.

cannabis vaping

If you are considering herbal vaping, here’s a tip. If your country allows it, you can actually grow your own marijuana strains, so that you will never run out of stock again. You can easily avail marijuana seeds in USA from a number of marijuana dispensaries and grow your own strains.

Present Trends

With the advent of e-cigarettes and concentrated e-juices of marijuana, there are very few takers for herbal vapes. There are many reasons for this trend. The prominent reason is the issue of the legality of smoking in many countries. While most of the countries have strict regulations on smoking, they have very less to say about vaporizers. Plus, people feel much more comfortable with the lessened burnt smell and higher “highs”. If you still want to consider using herbs, you may want to consider growing your own marijuana. You can also get good quality marijuana from various medical marijuana dispensaries around the world.

cannabis vaper

Vapes that support using herbs have become a favourite of the vapers who don’t like to use e-liquids considering the unknown risks involved. They prefer carrying the marijuana strains around and using them raw for vaping.

What Might Lie Ahead?

We have seen primitive cigarettes turning into e-cigarettes into vaporizers. Vaporizers have also revolutionized over time, considering their size and capacity over time. In the beginning, vapes were huge, sucking a high amount of power. Now, they are just the size of a pen, lasting for hours together without compromising the quality.

Seeing the future of Marijuana Vaping in this line, the days when vapes which says what herbs are used, what is the quality of cannabis used, which are all the compounds being inhaled by you and their quantities at a real- time, are not actually far. The field of Vapes is revolutionizing as fast as any other field, for instance, smartphones. We could actually have smart vapes in our pockets in future.

There are still many countries that confine the use of cannabis strictly to medicinal use. So, make sure it is legal to use vapes and grow and use marijuana in your country. You can consult Tampa Marijuana doctors if you have any medical reasons to use marijuana.

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