The changing global cannabis trends

cannabis trends

The changing global cannabis trends

The popularity of cannabis in rally mode fueled greatly by its legalization in 29 states all over the world. As more and more people become aware of its benefits, there arises a need to cater to different demands and wants of consumers. Manufacturers are using this opportunity to incorporate cannabis in different industries like beauty, health, food and well being in the form of oils, supplements, topicals, creams and edibles.

The cannabis data collection company, New Frontier Data predicts that the overall cannabis industry will reach $24 Billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 15%.

cannabis trends

Here are a few trends the global cannabis industry is likely to witness in the coming years:

Pet Care

With cannabis serving as a successful treatment for humans for many ailments, manufacturers are not drawing their attention to cannabis use in pets. Already dog treats and cat food have been released into the market, that shows promising results in calming and treating pets. Moreover, pets suffering from anxiety or chronic pain are also said to benefit from such cannabis edibles. It works extremely well for pets because they are mostly hemp-based or CBD rich products bought from medical marijuana dispensaries that have negligible or nil psychoactive effects on pets.

cannabis trends pets

Increased Investment

Cannabis is one of the most lucrative industries today and investors are aware of that. With rapid legalisation, chances of heavy investment in the future is guaranteed. With more investment, there will be increased variety and improved quality in the cannabis products. Moreover, with multiple manufacturers in the market, competition is likely to increase, leading to a decrease in the price of cannabis products.

Cannabis Topicals

When people try cannabis the first time, they often hesitate to ingest it orally. A safe alternative is cannabis topicals that can be applied externally with no side effects. With the cannabis trend in the rise, people are more likely to opt for topicals leading to a surge in the demand for cannabis topicals. CBD creams, lotions and lip-balms infused with nano enhanced hemp oil and CBD are extremely moisturizing and contains powerful cannabinoids that can resolve many skin issues like acne, psoriasis and dermatitis which can be bought from medical marijuana dispensaries. Moreover, there are also pain relief balms that can relieve pain without the use of opioids or painkillers.


The most popular cannabis product is likely the CBD oil extracted from greenhouse seeds, which is known to heal, relax and repair the body. Often prepared from parts of the cannabis plant or the whole plant known as whole plant CBD oil, this magical oil is rich in cannabinoids known for its therapeutic and healing properties. The CBD oil industry is set to see a huge boost in profits over the next few years. It is used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety to treat pain and inflammation associated with a number of diseases like cancer, arthritis as well as neuropathic pain.

cannabis trends cbd

Easy Access To Cannabis Products

Cannabis is listed as a Schedule I drug substance in America and is yet to be legalised in many countries all over the world. Illegal possession of cannabis can result in the violation of federal laws and land you in jail. The coming years are likely to see a relaxation in cannabis laws and also easy access in many state dispensaries and stores. As of now, in Florida alone, there are 12 licensed dispensaries that cater to different needs of consumers. Many online stores are also rapidly coming up where you can shop for marijuana seeds, CBD oil, topicals, eatables,  CBD living water, kush marijuana products, and other cannabis products that can be delivered worldwide.


These are only a few of the cannabis trends and there are many new trends coming up that are going to influence the cannabis industry significantly. Cannabis is also gaining a lot of marketing and branding attention and is on it’s way to become a huge and profitable business in the medical industry.

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