CBD And Its Health Benefits

cbd health benefits

CBD And Its Health Benefits

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids which are the natural compounds found in the cannabis plant.

CBD and THC are considered to be the 2 main active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Therefore, they are the most recognized and studied compounds in the cannabinoids family.

CBD does not even produce psychoactive effects like THC and it seems to have a natural protection against the marijuana high. The availability of cannabis seeds in the USA makes CBD easily accessible.

Marijuana doctors believe that CBD has always shown promising results as the treatment for a number of conditions. It is widely available in various forms like oil and pills. Now a days, it is also being infused in e-liquids and are used in vape mods and water vapor pens.

In larger doses, CBD’s conventional therapy can also enhance the effect of THC.

cbd health benefitsThe following are the health benefits of CBD:

1. Fights Against Cancer

CBD shows the anti-tumor effect and could be used to improve standard treatments.

CBD successfully stopped cancer cells in multiple different cervical cancer cells.

CBD increases the possibility of tumor cell death in leukemia and colon cancer.

It also decreases the human glioma cell growth as well as invasion. Therefore, it has a possible role as an antitumor agent.

Cannabinoids act as promising tools during the combination therapy for breast and prostate cancer. Due to their direct antitumor effects, they have the ability to improve the effectiveness of conventional antitumor drugs. They possess great usefulness as a treatment for pain reduction.

2. Protect Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

CBD is found to prevent the toxic effects of neurotransmitter glutamate and radical oxygen species in the brain. This results in preventing brain cell death.

It is said to have antioxidant property greater than vitamin C or vitamin E.

CBD also protects the cells of the brain from beta-amyloid toxicity. This makes it a potential therapy in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

It may also protect the brain in cases where the blood flow is reduced.

Early human studies showed improvement in patients with Parkinson’s disease treated with CBD over a 6-week period.

CBD may be a promising agent to treat and prolong survival in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis patients due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

cbd health benefits neurodegenerative diseases

3. Has Therapeutic Potential for Schizophrenia

CBD can potentially treat psychosis.

It also helps in improving the symptoms of schizophrenia, but the mechanism of action is unknown.

Studies show that CBD has similar effects as the typical antipsychotic drugs, but with fewer side effects.

cbd health benefits schizophrenia4. Beneficial for Curing Arthritis

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is useful in providing relief from joint pain and swelling. It can also help in decreasing joint destruction and its progression.

The use of CBD shows notable improvements in the intensity of pain, quality of sleep, and inflammation. No serious adverse effects are observed due to its use.

White Rhino seeds being the lowest in CBD level at only 1.00% can have some very effective medicinal properties. Many medical professionals and medical marijuana dispensaries recommend it to patients suffering from stress, pain, nausea and other mental and physical conditions.

5. Lowers Incidence of Diabetes

A study, which included 4,657 adult men and women, showed that current marijuana use was associated with 16% lower fasting insulin levels, and smaller waist circumferences, a factor connected to the onset of diabetes.

CBD can remarkably reduce the development of diabetes.

It can also prevent and delay the destruction of insulin-producing pancreatic cells and the production of inflammatory cytokines in diabetics.

cbd health benefits diabetes

6. Promote Heart Health

A study reported that CBD induced dilation of arteries and protected blood vessel from damage in animal models.

CBD can reduce the infarction in the heart and the brain and also can help prevent irregular heart rhythms.

Studies show that it can also reduce the heart rate and blood pressure in response to anxiety or stressful situations.

CBD also influenced white blood cell function and platelet aggregation.

7. Reduces Dyskinesia

Dyskinesia usually causes involuntary movements. CBD has been proven to reduce the symptoms of dyskinesia in mice.

CBD can help to reduce the production of inflammatory markers. CBD can also decrease the amounts of key enzymes that cause dyskinesia. CBD can reduce dyskinesia by acting on CB1 and PPAR gamma receptors and can also reduce the expression of the inflammatory markers COX-2 and NF-kB.


8. Attenuates Liver Steatosis

CBD significantly attenuates the alcohol feeding-induced serum transaminase elevations. The inflammatory process and the liver’s responses in cases of hepatic ischemia or reperfusion injury are significantly reduced by CBD. This prevents the oxidative stress and death of liver cells. It provides remarkable relief from the pains in the liver area.

In case of a liver surgery or a transplant, it is extremely important to prevent the liver from being damaged.

9. Reduces Acne

CBD oil is proved to have anti-inflammatory benefits that help with skin problems such as eczema, itching, and pain. A recent study discovered that using CBD oil for skin helped reduce oiliness and redness, which was particularly beneficial to people suffering with acne, rosacea, and dandruff.




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