How Cannabis was used in history?


How Cannabis was used in history?

Cannabis was highly valued in the past because of its many uses. The negativity of the
plant was attached to it in the modern days. Cannabis was not perceived as a threat both
socially and economically.

Use of cannabis for medicinal purposes

Cannabis was used to preserve one’s health by managing the mental and physical health
of individuals. For women, it was used to reduce pain during childbirth and to treat
menstrual disorders such as menstrual irregularities and cramps. It was also used to treat
wounds. This was done by reducing the cannabis to powder then administering it on the
wound or by swallowing it for women in labor. Apart from that, cannabis was also used
as an anesthetic during surgery by crushing the leaves into powder and mixing it with
wine then the mixture is administered to the patient just before the surgery began.
Cannabis also has antiepileptic properties hence was used to treat epilepsy. The plant was
used for rheumatic medication. It was also used to relieve stress to its users.

Use of cannabis for recreational purposes.

Cannabis has psychoactive agents; therefore, it was used to achieve euphoria. The
banning of alcohol consumption by religions such Islam and Ancient Hindu encouraged
Muslims and Hindus respectively to use cannabis for recreational purposes. Cannabis
users mostly used it for mental alertness due to its psycho-stimulant effect.
Use of cannabis for spiritual purposes.
Cannabis was believed to be close to nature because it is a plant and being close to nature
meant that it was close to a supernatural being. Many people who used it felt that by
doing so, the plant brought them closer to nature and that allows them to have more
religious experiences. People of the same group such as religion, family and friends used
cannabis to bond with each other and to bring a feeling of connectedness among them.
Religious leaders used the plant so as to bond with nature which brought a sense of
spiritual cleanliness and growth to them. Due to its stimulation effect, religious leaders
used it so as to understand problems and situations that are brought to them from
different perspectives so that they would be able to solve them accordingly.
The plant was also used for religious ceremonies such as when appointing religious
leaders, during religious leaders’ funerals, during weddings etc.
Hindus considered cannabis a holy plant.

Social uses of cannabis

Hemp was used to make ropes and clothes because its fibers were strong.
The hemp’s seeds were used as food in several communities. Apart from that, cannabis
was mostly used because it made its users energetic and tasks seemed enjoyable therefore
they could perform many tasks when under its influence than when they had not used it.


Cannabis was widely used in the past because of its beneficial nature to the individuals
and community at large. This is because it was used in moderation. The modern
governments are what illegalized the use of the plant.

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