How Cannabis is helping a lot of people with parkinson’s disease?

How Cannabis is helping a lot of people with parkinson’s disease?

Cannabis has been used for treatment and medication of various conditions and diseases. Parkinson’s disease is not left out in this list of conditions that cannabis is used for medication. It is used to reduce symptoms of this condition for instance sleep problems, tremors, anxiety and depression.

Cannabis and sleep problems in people with Parkinson’s disease

Patients with Parkinson’s disease often experience insomnia and sleep-related problems. Cannabis has been widely used to treat sleep problems. Patients who take cannabis report that there is an improvement in their sleeping patterns. Cannabis reduces the frequency of waking up during sleep. As humans, we have endocannabinoid system (ECS) which control our sleep and memories. The endocannabinoid system is affected by Parkinson’s disease that is why individuals with the disease experience these symptoms. Cannabis reduces these symptoms due to its cannabinoids which engage the ECS thus restoring sleep to the patients.

Cannabis limit the progression of Parkinson’s disease

Cannabis reduces the rate at which this disease progresses. This is because it has THC and non-psychoactive cannabidiol which play a role in protecting the patients’ neurons. This protection is as a result of the two chemicals being antioxidants. They also relieve stress from a patient thus reducing the rate at which this disease progresses.

Use of cannabis to reduce motor symptoms in PD patients

Motor symptoms experienced by PD patients include rigidity, slowness of movement, tremor and postural instability. People with the disease walk in a flexed posture and have problems when writing due to the involuntary movement of muscles. Tremors occur due to the death of dopamine receptors.  Cannabis reduces trembling in these patients because of its psychoactive agents which revitalize the dopamine receptors thus reducing the tremors. The agents also relieve muscle stiffness and rigidity thus allowing the patients to walk and do other activities which require movement of the limbs.

How Cannabis improves one’s quality of life

Cannabis has improved the lives of a lot of people with Parkinson’s disease by reducing the disease’s symptoms. The patients experience some physical discomfort and painful symptoms which make life hard for them. Cannabis has been widely used to reduce these discomforts and to treat chronic pain by many people with PD which include nerve pain after surgery for the patients who undergo surgery. It acts as an analgesic.

Cannabis also reduces anxiety and depression in a lot of people with Parkinson’s disease through the use of appropriate dose.


Conventional medical drugs are used to improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease but they become ineffective after sometimes. However, marijuana can be used for a long time to achieve the same results without the body becoming tolerant to it. There is no cure for PD but as seen, cannabis shows promising results in helping patients with the disease to cope with life. By slowing the progression of the disease this means that a number of years are added to the patient’s life span. However, cannabis should be used moderately to avoid its negative side effects.

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