cannabis trends

The changing global cannabis trends

The popularity of cannabis in rally mode fueled greatly by its legalization in 29 states all over the world. As more and more people become aware of its benefits, there arises a need to cater to different demands and wants of consumers. Manufacturers are using this opportunity to incorporate cannabis in different industries like beauty, health, food and well being in the form of oils, supplements, topicals, creams and edibles. The cannabis data collection company, New Frontier Data predicts that [...]

cbd health benefits

CBD And Its Health Benefits

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids which are the natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD and THC are considered to be the 2 main active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Therefore, they are the most recognized and studied compounds in the cannabinoids family. CBD does not even produce psychoactive effects like THC and it seems to have a natural protection against the marijuana high. The availability of cannabis seeds in the USA makes [...]

the future of cannabis vaping

The Future of Cannabis Vaping

Cannabis or Marijuana, as it is widely known, has been familiar to the human race for thousands of years. Back then, it was mostly for ritualistic purposes that cannabis was used. But now, the times have changed. Cannabis has found a variety of applications – it may be used as a psychotic drug, a treatment for various disorders and sometimes to alleviate pain in the patients with chronic and painful illnesses. The story of the evolution of cannabis use [...]

cannabis strains for beginners and low tolerance users

Cannabis Strains For Beginners and Low-Tolerance Consumers

  Cannabis strains are perfect if you’re looking to get the most out of your weed. Smoking them is the best way to get its full benefits. However, not all strains are suitable for all. There are some strains which are extremely high in THC that may trigger paranoia and psychoactive responses. On the other hand, CBD is relaxing and has calming effects. So what the beginners and low tolerance consumers need is a nicely balanced hybrid. Given below are top [...]

marijuana california law

California state laws on marijuana – Gov. Brown proposal

In November 2016, California joined a growing number of states in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The new laws on the recreational use of marijuana, however, created a few legal disparities with the current reigning law on use of medical marijuana. California is a bit nearer now to turning into the country’s largest weed economy, after Gov. Jerry Brown’s organization proposed new changes to adapt the state’s new recreational marijuana use law with the existing medical marijuana use law. In [...]

black open vape

O.pen Vape Pen: Could this be what you are looking for?

O.penVAPE Pen and Cartidges In recent years, cannabis concentrates have become very popular among patients that use medical marijuana for their therapy and treatment of malaise. O.penVAPE produces and distributes electronic vaporizers, as well as cannabis oil-filled cartridges in states where they are legal. Their cannabis products are currently available only in Colorado, Washington and California. One of the main reasons that attracts many medical marijuana patients to O.penVAPE is the price: traditional gear to consume concentrates could easily require an initial [...]

Are Monsanto and Bayer going after the pot Industry

Are Bayer and Monsanto going after the pot Industry?

After months of negotiation and increasing offers, Bayer – the Germany-based pharmaceutical company — has at last signed a deal with Monsanto, hereby obtaining the infamous seed producer for $66 billion. The merger is reported to be the biggest all-cash bargain on record, and the second-largest acquisition to come out of 2016. In the past, Michael Straumietis, founder and owner of hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients, has openly and repeatedly warned the marijuana community about Monsanto (and thus the possibility of other [...]


How Cannabis is helping a lot of people with parkinson’s disease?

Cannabis has been used for treatment and medication of various conditions and diseases. Parkinson’s disease is not left out in this list of conditions that cannabis is used for medication. It is used to reduce symptoms of this condition for instance sleep problems, tremors, anxiety and depression. Cannabis and sleep problems in people with Parkinson’s disease Patients with Parkinson’s disease often experience insomnia and sleep-related problems. Cannabis has been widely used to treat sleep problems. Patients who take cannabis report that [...]


Cancer and Rick Simpson Oil help to battle the disease

Cancer is malignant growth of abnormal cells caused by uncontrolled cell division. The disease can attack any part of the body apart from the nail and hair. Rick Simpson Oil abbreviated as ‘RSO’ is an extract of cannabis strains particularly sativa dominant strains (High in THC & CBN) used to cure cancer. The Rick Simpson oil is named after the oil inventor, a medical cannabis activist that discovered cannabis’ potent healing power on cancer. His discovery was after battling basal [...]


How Cannabis was used in history?

Cannabis was highly valued in the past because of its many uses. The negativity of the plant was attached to it in the modern days. Cannabis was not perceived as a threat both socially and economically. Use of cannabis for medicinal purposes Cannabis was used to preserve one’s health by managing the mental and physical health of individuals. For women, it was used to reduce pain during childbirth and to treat menstrual disorders such as menstrual irregularities and cramps. It was also used to treat wounds. [...]