Special Deals

special deals - fast and friendly

***Only 1 Deal per patient per day***

Buy an 1/8th of KURUPT’S MOON ROCKS and get an extra 1/2 gram at no cost.

“MIX n MATCH” special. Buy any (4) different individual grams of bud and get the most inexpensive one free.

large preroll medical marijuana

Get a 1.5G House Pre-roll with any 1/8th of cannabis or more. (Excluding: House Shake and Trim.)


Buy any 2 grams of DRAGON FIRE wax and get the 3rd (least expensive one) for half off.

Buy any 3 “triple strength” BHANG BARS and get the 4th half off.

early bird special

Call during Happy Hour (noon-3pm) and receive $5 off of any 1/8th of a Oz. (Excluding: House Shake and Trim.)

Early bird 2

Call during Happy Hour (noon-3pm) and receive $10 off of any 1/4 of a Oz or receive 8G 1/4s. (Excluding: House Shake and Trim.)

returning patient who donates 100$

Returning patients who donate $100 (or more), receive $20 credit to try anything from the menu they’ve never tried before.

go pen plus vaporizer

GO-PEN vaporizer and (1) gram of any wax or crumble..$99. (Excluding: Rosin)

GOLDCAP SOFT GELS – buy any (4) bottles and get the 5th at no cost.

free medical marjuana delivery in southern california

New patients get $20 worth of bud, drinks, edibles or pre-rolled joints, when reaching our FREE delivery threshold of $65 or more.

Buy an 1/8th of sativa and an 1/8th of indica and get any 1/8th of hybrid 50% off.


10G of our sweet smelling strain STRAWBERRY COUGH for $100.00. The best flower for daytime medication.

Upgrade Mondays its happy hour all day long with 4 gram 1/8 , and 8 gram 1/4. (excluding: Flow Kana)

Milf n Cookies - Brownie - 294mg THC

Buy any 2 “MILF n COOKIES” edibles and get a third least expensive “MILF n COOKIES” edible for 50% off.

Eureka Vape

Order any (5) Eureka Vape cartridge and get the least expensive one half off.

Buy any 3 “quad dose” cheeba chews and get the 4th half off.

Buy a CBD “BHANG BAR” and get the 2nd one 50% off.

Black Diamond RSO

RICK SIMPSON OIL special – donate for 6 grams (3 units) and get the next 2 grams (1 unit) half off.

Eureka Vapes

Buy any (3) Eureka Vape cartridges and get a free vape pen with USB charger.

Buy any 3 Kiva bars and get the 4th half off.

Milf n Cookies - Slutty Brownies

Buy any 1/4 of medical marijuana and get any “MILF n COOKIES” edible half off.

Mini Nectar Collector

Wax Wednesday’s get 2 grams of DRAGON FIRE wax and receive a free Micro Nectar Collector.


Buy 5 Churros and receive the 6th one at half off.


Buy any (2) FIRECRACKERS and get the 3rd at 50% off. Please see the FIRECRACKER listing for it’s full description, but just know it’s heavier than the TARANTULAS and it also has MOON ROCKS on the inside, which is unprecedented as well. Enjoy it before it explodes….

puregold limonene

Medical patients get 50% off “PUREGOLD with limonene”. Only valid the 1st time you try it. Amazing medicine. Very high THC and CBD. Watch video on our page.


Buy any drink from Dixie Elixir or Therapy Tonics and get the 2nd 50% off. (Excluding sample size)

Eureka Vape Refill

Buy (2) Eureka 1g refills and get the 3rd for 50% off. (The refills are 70%-80% pure Co2 extracted oil and can be used to re-fill a cartridge, refill a pen, or can even be used to dab with.)

fast and friendly referral program

Refer a new patient who donates $65 or more and you both receive a $30 store credit.

Get 28 grams of our house shake for $99

FREE vape pen with the purchase of any (3) vape cartridges. $30 value. (single temperature pen – not any of the variable temperature pens).

ONE TINCTURE (sativa or indica – not CBD) for free with purchase of $99 or more. $30 value.

(3) free 25mg THC pills, or (1) free 100mg THC pill from MASTER GROWERS, with any purchase.

Buy (4) FIRECRACKERS and get the 5th FREE. $23 value.

$10 glass pipe – only $4.20.

Buy any bottle of GOLD CAPS and get a bottle of 25mg MASTER GROWERS thc pills for 50% off.

CHARLOTTE’S WEB premium CBD tincture direct from the Stanley Brothers in CO. 25% off.

CHURRO (the strongest blunt in the universe) – free with any 1/2 oz purchase of flower. $33 value. (Excluding: House Shake and Trim.)

MIX N MATCH candy bar deal – buy any 5 and get the 6th free.

(1) FREE 24k brownie (1,000mg) from KANEH CO. with purchase of $300 or more. $50 value.

Get any (3) JETTY GOLD WAX grams and get 20% off.


Get (2) grams of DRAGON FIRE shatter and get another half gram free. $35 value.


Purchase any 4 Flow Kana 1/8 jars and get the 5th one half off.

Get any (4) single grams of bud and get the 5th (of equal or lesser value) FREE

HEAVY HITTERS cartridges – Get (2) and the 3rd is 50% off. $35 value.

CONNOISSEUR’S CHOICE “asteroids” – buy an 1/8 and get (1) gram free. $40 value. 50% THC.

Mix’n’Match edible deal! Donate $199.95 or more towards edibles and get 25% off your edible selection.


Purchase any 7 Flow Kana 1/8 jars and get the 8th one FREE.