GORILLA GLUE – 21.3% THC – Indica – 1/8 Flower Jar – (FLOW KANA BRAND)

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GORILLA GLUE – 21.3% THC – Indica – 1/8 Flower Jar – (FLOW KANA BRAND)


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Product Description

An Indica-heavy cross of Sour Dubb and Chem Sister, this strain has the massive flower structure of the Bubba Kush family, the potency of the Diesel, and the wide flavor palette of the unique phenotype in its Chem Dawg parentage – simply glimmering with resin, it simultaneously had our highest cannabinoid results, and our highest concentration of terpenoid and flavor compounds. The strong pine scent is tempered with a husky, fruity overtone – a familiar aroma that brings to mind mango peels, wild thyme, and hops. We at the Rusty Shovel Ranch are proud to share with you, our smoothest-smoking cannabis of the season, winner of the RSR Trimmer’s Delight Award 201.

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1/8 Oz


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