How Cannabis is helping a lot of people with parkinson’s disease?

Cannabis has been used for treatment and medication of various conditions and diseases. Parkinson's disease is not left out in this list of conditions that cannabis is used for medication. It is used to reduce symptoms of this condition for instance sleep problems, tremors, anxiety and depression. Cannabis and sleep problems in people with Parkinson's disease Patients with Parkinson's disease often experience insomnia and sleep-related problems. Cannabis has been widely used to treat sleep problems. Patients who take cannabis report that [...]

Cancer and Rick Simpson Oil help to battle the disease

Cancer is malignant growth of abnormal cells caused by uncontrolled cell division. The disease can attack any part of the body apart from the nail and hair. Rick Simpson Oil abbreviated as ‘RSO’ is an extract of cannabis strains particularly sativa dominant strains (High in THC & CBN) used to cure cancer. The Rick Simpson oil is named after the oil inventor, a medical cannabis activist that discovered cannabis’ potent healing power on cancer. His discovery was after battling basal [...]


How Cannabis was used in history?

Cannabis was highly valued in the past because of its many uses. The negativity of the plant was attached to it in the modern days. Cannabis was not perceived as a threat both socially and economically. Use of cannabis for medicinal purposes Cannabis was used to preserve one's health by managing the mental and physical health of individuals. For women, it was used to reduce pain during childbirth and to treat menstrual disorders such as menstrual irregularities and cramps. It was also used to treat wounds. [...]

Curing insomnia with cannabis

Curing insomnia with cannabis

Insomnia is a dyssomnia describing constant inability to initiate and maintain sleep. Cannabis is a multiplex drug with a vast number of effects, some of which have medical value. Cannabis contains chemical compounds known as cannabinoid. The major cannabinoid present in cannabis is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). These cannabinoid imitates the activity of chemicals naturally found in our body known as ‘endocannabinoid’. Endocannabinoids are chemical compounds with biological pathways that make up the body’s endocannabinoid system which is [...]

The differences between indica, sativa and hybrid strains

The differences between indica, sativa and hybrid strains

There is a slight yet enormous difference in the marijuana strains on the basis of their morphology, mode of action, desired effects and side effects. Their genetic profiles make each strain unique. The cannabinoid content of different strains of marijuana is also associated to their geographical origins thus different marijuana strains have different effects. In view of their morphology; Indica plant size is short and bushy while the sativa plant is long & thin. Cannabis indica thrives in warm [...]

Treatment of anxiety with medical marijuana

Treatment of anxiety with medical marijuana

Anxiety is classified among a group of psychological disorders that render the patient in the state of stress and fear, which maybe with or without a cause.  Worrying and fearing for most of the time in a day makes a person hysterical. Several allopathic as well as eastern medicine ways have been devised to cure this form of mental illness, but not many of them are a hundred percent effective. It is important to know that a generalized anxiety [...]

marijuana quotes

Celebrities: cannabis & quotes

There are many celebrities that make use of cannabis and it is known. Some use it for medical purposes others for recreational purposes. They either publicly supported the use of it or it is simply known by the crowds. Snoop Dog, Miley Cirus, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Maher are few of them. Others simply support legalization for a series or reasons without even being users. Today we are going to make a list of them with their quotes [...]

Indica benefits on sleep

Indica benefits on sleep

Cannabis (or marijuana) has been creating a lot of "buzz" lately. With its medicinal uses becoming popular, people are using it more than ever! Like many other benefits, marijuana is known for benefitting sleep. However, there’s something here that needs to be cleared up. Cannabis has many strains but most beneficial are cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. The former has high amount of tetrahydrocannabidol (THC), while the latter has high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD). For better sleep, you need cannabis indica [...]

charlotte s web high cbd medical marijuana against seizures

Marijuana and Charlotte’s web

Why Marijuana has a bad reputation? Marijuana has been used as a medicine since before the 1930s, when it was defamed due to political reasons. Not only did marijuana become an illegal substance, but people were afraid of using it. Anti-marijuana campaigns and the high addictive potential of cannabis added to this fear. So, a substance once prescribed as a medicine was now viewed as dangerous. A family from Colorado had the same perception about marijuana until something miraculous happened that completely [...]

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